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Swag Bags for Good

Author: Steve Moskal

A number of years ago, I published two blogs on event marketing and sustainability (part one and part two). Here we are, post-COVID, our industry is coming back and we are once again talking about the same idea - thinking green and saving some green.


Organizations are looking for ways to demonstrate they’re socially and environmentally responsible. A successful trade show program can “reuse and recycle”, so I’m going to make a suggestion and provide an opportunity.

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There Goes the Neighborhood?

Author: Steve Moskal

Sears is closing their last store located within the city of Chicago.


It is the one on the northwest side at the Six Corners area. That’s where Irving Park Road, Cicero and Milwaukee avenues intersect, creating a hub of retail and commercial activity that has anchored the northwest side neighborhood, known as Portage Park. The history of the name dates back to the French explorers. The explorers and their Native American guides would portage canoes across the area, linking the Chicago River on the east and the Des Plaines River to the west.


It is also where I grew up.

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Can Event Marketing Be Truly Sustainable? Part Two

Author: Steve Moskal

A few weeks ago, Part One of this blog was published (see below).


I suggested that exhibitors and supplier partners have to do more to become eco-friendly and avoid needlessly wasting Earth’s natural resources. While face-to-face marketing isn’t ecologically sustainable now, our industry continues to move in the right direction.

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Can Event Marketing Be Truly Sustainable? Part One

Author: Steve Moskal

In an effort not to run on with a long blog, I’m going to divide this article into two parts. Check back in a week or so for part two.


According to GES’ recently published 2013 “Trend Tracker” when it comes to design, sustainability should be on the minds of exhibitors and how they relate to their customers. About sustainability, it reads:


“Having an eco-friendly event footprint might have been optional a few years ago. But now it’s often a must. Recycling has become a way of life for many of us, at home and on the job. The event industry is catching up - and customers are taking note of which brands are going green, which aren’t, and which say that they are going green but they’re not.”

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A Must-Read For All Trade Show Exhibitors

Author: Steve Moskal

The Exhibit and Event Marketers Association (E2MA) recently posted their 2012 Advocacy Study Presentation titled “Enhancing Exhibitor Value Enables Show Growth” on their website.


I urge everyone to read through the report if you have not done so already. While it touches on many important trends and facts regarding show costs and the consumer price index (CPI), it takes special note to identify that over 30% of costs are unknown at the time a booth space contract is signed. These costs include drayage (material handling) and in many instances, install and dismantle labor.

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