Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Design and Digital Artwork Services

Prairie Display/Chicago provides total turnkey services for the design and implementation of your display project. Our in-house designers can develop the original concept of the configuration, design the graphic message, and set up all required digital files, ready for print.

Customers may also choose to involve an in-house designer or  independent agency to handle the graphic design and/or compile the final digital files. Product specific sizes, specifications and templates can be provided once a project has been approved.

Concepts and Renderings

Whether you are considering purchase or rental, you can choose an existing kit from the hundreds of options that currently exist in the design and rental libraries, or work with your Prairie representative to come up with a unique solution. 

Concepts and color renderings for existing kits and designs, for purchase or rental, are complimentary. For kit modifications and customized concepts, contact us directly for our creative design fee structure.

Graphic Design and Digital File Preparation


Design and Digital Artwork Services There are two steps to create the final visual message for any display project: the actual concept and design of the message, and the preparation of the digital files used in final production (system time). Prairie can provide complete concept and design services and prepare the final files, ready for print.

Prior to digital file preparation, an estimate will be provided based on the available artwork and the scope of the project. System time is billed per hour and includes approvals. There is an inspection and prep charge for digital files received "ready to print", which includes file inspection and any necessary minor adjustments. Changes to customer supplied "ready to print" files are billed as normal system time.

Submitting Artwork "Ready to Print"


PDF READY TO PRINT: PDF files are not recommended. Native PSD, EPS or INDD files are preferred. Flattened files cannot be adjusted during pre-flight or final production.

PHOTOSHOP (up to version CC-Creative Cloud): Set up full size at 100 dpi, layered (1/2 size, 200 dpi; 1/4 size, 400 dpi). Do not rasterize text layers.

ILLUSTRATOR (up to version CC-Creative Cloud): Same as Photoshop requirements. Include linked or placed images and font files (or outline text).
INDESIGN (up to version CC-Creative Cloud): Same as Photoshop requirements. Under the "file" dropdown menu, select "package project" so the folders for images, fonts and InDesign file are included.

QUARK EXPRESS (up to version 8): Quark Express files are acceptable but not recommended. If you prefer to submit ready to print files using Quark, contact your Prairie Display/Chicago representative for details.

Include low resolution jpg of finished file and PMS numbers for reference.


CD, DVD or flash drives.



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