Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Templates for some of Prairie Display/Chicago's most popular displays and banner stands can be found here. Please click on the appropriate product to download the template. Additional templates are available for most kits that are viewable on our website. Contact your Prairie Display/Chicago representative or email sales@prairiedisplay.com for more information.

Please note that files are sized and designed to work specifically with Prairie's production processes.

For additional file set-up specifications, click here.

To upload artwork files, click on this link and follow the instructions to securely upload your files.

Backlit Fabric Display Templates

 TitleModified DateSize
Nomadic_10ft_LightWall.pdf12/13/2016101.08 KB
Nomadic_20ft_LightWall.pdf3/10/201799.20 KB
Nomadic_3ft_LightWall.pdf3/10/2017100.95 KB
Nomadic_5ft_LightWall.pdf12/13/2016100.93 KB
Nomadic_8ft_LightWall.pdf12/13/201699.83 KB

Banner Stand Templates

 TitleModified DateSize
Pronto23.pdf10/4/201638.17 KB
Pronto33.pdf10/4/201638.05 KB
Pronto39.pdf10/4/201638.47 KB
Pronto47.pdf10/4/201638.76 KB
Sharp23.pdf10/4/201664.05 KB
Sharp31-Telescoping.pdf5/3/201856.69 KB
Sharp35-Telescoping.pdf5/3/201858.25 KB
Sharp39-Telescoping.pdf5/3/201859.08 KB
SharpJunior15.pdf10/4/201659.28 KB
SharpLite.pdf3/21/201847.63 KB

Counter Wrap Template

Pop-Up Display Templates

 TitleModified DateSize
NomadicC22wECsCMYK.pdf10/4/201699.10 KB
NomadicC33wECsCMYK.pdf10/4/201699.70 KB
NomadicC34wECsCMYK.pdf10/4/201696.74 KB
NomadicC38wECsCMYK.pdf10/4/201693.43 KB
NomadicP33wECsCMYK.pdf10/4/201696.47 KB
NomadicP33wFlatECsCMYK.pdf10/4/201699.83 KB
NomadicP37wECsCMYK.pdf10/4/201697.17 KB
VBurst_3x3Straight_wEc.pdf10/4/201669.53 KB
VBurst_4x3Straight_wEc.pdf10/4/201666.86 KB
Xtension_3x3_Straight.pdf10/17/2018161.27 KB
Xtension_4x3_Straight.pdf10/17/2018165.36 KB
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