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Is Your Competition Out-Gaming You?

Author: Steve Moskal

Can anyone think of a for profit or non-profit entity that operates as a true monopoly?


You remember the word monopoly from your economics class that you struggled to stay awake in, don’t you?  A monopoly occurs when a company or group has exclusive control over a commodity or service. Yes, Monopoly is also a great board game. There is no sweeter feeling than sending three of your closest friends into Hasbro bankruptcy.

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Captivate Like Elmore Leonard

Author: Steve Moskal

While things are heating up here at Prairie for the fall 2013 trade show and event season, weather-wise, it has been a surprisingly mild August in the Chicago area. We normally have high temperatures and high humidity. Perfect weather for going home, hiding out in the basement or the part of the house where the air conditioning works best, and cracking open a book. At least this is how I deal with August.


With the weather being so nice, we are eating outside, taking bike rides, getting the resident beagle out for a longer than usual walk and just spending less time brooding about the heat. Also, no time for reading dog-eared paperbacks bought at garage sales and used bookstores. Books written by the likes of Elmore Leonard.

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Pixilated About Pixelation?

Author: Steve Moskal

I can’t remember the exact date, but it was probably around 1990. The company I worked for operated their own screen print shop. That’s how we produced solid color, large text and logo graphics. Photographic panels were subcontracted to a traditional photo lab, with a darkroom, chemicals, enlargers and other ancient and long forgotten, mothballed equipment.


For anyone under the age of 40 who is unfamiliar with some of the terms used in the last paragraph, call me and I’ll explain them. Otherwise, let’s move on because, as former Bears’ coach Mike Ditka says, “The past is for cowards and losers.”

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