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Exhibiting in the United States - a Whole Different World

Author: Steve Moskal

The world has moved a block away from Prairie, right here in Elmhurst.


We have a new neighbor in our business park. They’ve constructed a 25’ tall stainless steel sculpture of a globe. Originally it stood outside of Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago, which is undergoing extensive renovations. Our neighboring business, involved with those renovations, removed the structure and reconstructed it on the front lawn of their production facilities, about 100 yards from Prairie’s front door.

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Viva La Difference

Author: Steve Moskal

The sales process - the steps of getting a customer to say yes -  hasn’t changed much over the years.


I do feel though, that the mystical sales curtain has been pulled back in so many instances. Not only has the great wizard been exposed, but so has the puppy dog close and “Do you want it in red or green?”. Those who have been selling for more than a few years know what I am talking about.

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Training Your Exhibit Staff, Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

Author: Steve Moskal

What seems like more than a lifetime ago, there were only three sales organizations in the United States for a revolutionary product, the Nomadic Instand. I was fortunate enough to work for one of them.


For those of you who might not know the history of the Instand, it was the first self-locking “pop-up” style display. In fact, Nomadic invented the portable display as we know it today, and was mentioned in Exhibitor Magazine’s “10 Ideas that Changed the Trade Show Industry, in 2007. But that’s a whole other story.

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Kissing Frogs, Finding Princes and Trade Show Success

Author: Steve Moskal

A customer new to exhibiting visited our showroom last week. We talked about her goals for the event and some of the ways she could present her message.


We also discussed the basic 4-step process that can work effectively in a smaller environment.... Attract, Engage, Qualify and Action. We also talked about sales being a numbers game, no matter what you are selling. Whoever said you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, had it right. Successfully coming away with qualified leads or sales at a trade show is no different.

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Captivate Like Elmore Leonard

Author: Steve Moskal

While things are heating up here at Prairie for the fall 2013 trade show and event season, weather-wise, it has been a surprisingly mild August in the Chicago area. We normally have high temperatures and high humidity. Perfect weather for going home, hiding out in the basement or the part of the house where the air conditioning works best, and cracking open a book. At least this is how I deal with August.


With the weather being so nice, we are eating outside, taking bike rides, getting the resident beagle out for a longer than usual walk and just spending less time brooding about the heat. Also, no time for reading dog-eared paperbacks bought at garage sales and used bookstores. Books written by the likes of Elmore Leonard.

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Winter Blues and Convertibles

Author: Steve Moskal

Every February in Chicago, when the winter doldrums start to really take hold and everyone is sick and tired of cloudy, gray days, the Chicago Auto Show moves into McCormick Place for a 10-day stay. The Chicago show is billed as the largest in the world and has been going on for over 100 years.


The 2013 version took over both the north and south McCormick buildings. For those of you who have never been to a consumer-attended auto show like this, it’s really quite a different experience from a traditional “business to business” event.

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First Blog: Baby Steps

Author: Steve Moskal

About ten years ago, a close associate urged me to start writing a book based on my experiences in sales and the trade show and event industries. I tried. There are several dozen pages along with edits and rewrites stored on my computer and backed up on a hard drive. I learned that being an author involves time and dedication to the task. When raising a family and running a business, those are two luxuries that are in short supply.

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