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North to Alaska - Two Different Experiences

Author: Steve Moskal

My father served in the U.S. Army from 1952 to 1954 during the Korean conflict. While the majority of his platoon was sent overseas, he and a few others in his company were deployed to the Alaskan Territory (Alaska did not become a state until 1959) to guard Elmendorf Air Force Base, outside of Anchorage.

The United States, and the then Soviet Union, were in the height of the Cold War. Only 90 miles separated the territory from the Soviets so he was involved in several maneuvers that took his company to some of the most extreme conditions the region had to offer.

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Finding Your Inner Trade Show Self

Author: Steve Moskal

My lovely wife has been faithfully going to yoga classes a few times a week for several years. She swears it has helped with her balance, strengthened her core and reduced the stress and strain of daily living. She keeps telling me, I have to go too.


“Whatever you are doing for your core,” she said “ain’t working.” Ouch.


A few weeks ago, Shelley informed me she had a free pass, so I was going and that was that.

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Sharing Anniversaries, Surviving Bumps and Looking Forward

Author: Steve Moskal

Twenty-five years ago (1994), Amazon sold its first book and Yahoo! was the go-to search tool (Do you Yahoo!?). There was a Major League Baseball strike, and Prairie Display/Chicago was incorporated as a company.


So the year Forrest Gump and The Lion King came to movie theaters, Prairie launched into the trade show and event world. We started with a vision of providing the best portable/modular display products, services and large format graphics, used at trade shows and other face-to-face marketing events.

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Author: Steve Moskal

So... you want to take an island space at one of your annual trade shows.


Your company has grown from a simple 10’ inline with two sales people collecting leads, to a 20’ space with more function. You added a salesperson, integrated a 42” monitor on the backwall and included a special counter with storage for literature and give-aways. The exhibit even featured a small seating area for more in-depth conversations.

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Kissing Frogs, Finding Princes and Trade Show Success

Author: Steve Moskal

A customer new to exhibiting visited our showroom last week. We talked about her goals for the event and some of the ways she could present her message.


We also discussed the basic 4-step process that can work effectively in a smaller environment.... Attract, Engage, Qualify and Action. We also talked about sales being a numbers game, no matter what you are selling. Whoever said you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, had it right. Successfully coming away with qualified leads or sales at a trade show is no different.

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Team Prairie

Author: Steve Moskal

Twenty years is a long time, but when you are busy doing whatever it is you do, it can pass in the blink of an eye.


Hard to believe it was just 20 years ago (1994) when O.J. Simpson fled from Los Angeles police in the now iconic, low-speed chase in his white Ford Bronco. Major League Baseball could not finish their season because of a strike and the Dow Jones hit a record high of 3,978.36. The first national conference to discuss the growing Information Superhighway was presided over by Vice President, Al Gore.


President Bill Clinton called for major Health Care Reform in his first State of the Union Address and Harry Styles, member of One Direction, was born. Yikes!

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Going Smaller? Stay Realistic!

Author: Steve Moskal

Over the years, clients have purchased a lot of 10’ and 20’ inline properties from Prairie. We’ve also updated graphics on these properties, and other systems. 


An experienced exhibit/marketing professional will tell you that participating at a trade show in an inline space is very different from exhibiting in islands and peninsulas. The amount of time spent with attendees is usually shorter. Group presentations can be challenging and there is definitely not a lot of room for specialty furniture and seating areas. 

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Winter Blues and Convertibles

Author: Steve Moskal

Every February in Chicago, when the winter doldrums start to really take hold and everyone is sick and tired of cloudy, gray days, the Chicago Auto Show moves into McCormick Place for a 10-day stay. The Chicago show is billed as the largest in the world and has been going on for over 100 years.


The 2013 version took over both the north and south McCormick buildings. For those of you who have never been to a consumer-attended auto show like this, it’s really quite a different experience from a traditional “business to business” event.

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