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I Got It. Sure You Do.

Author: Steve Moskal

Water skiing.

Holding onto a big, half-filled, water balloon.

Herding cats.


These are examples of tasks that would seem fairly easy once they’ve  been successfully completed a few times. The reality though, is just when you think you’ve mastered them....Splat! You fly off your skis and face plant into your own wake.


Trade show planning should be added to this list.

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The Case for Building a Better Treehouse

Author: Steve Moskal

When I was 13, my friends Markie, Ted and I decided to build a clubhouse. We didn’t have any money or real know-how, but there was a construction site about a block from our houses, and the collective lunacy of three 13-year old minds went to work. We scavenged wood and other materials and very crudely, constructed a 7’ cube complete with a swinging door, roof and floor.


We ran a cord with a light fixture from my buddy’s house to the corner of his yard where our clubhouse had found its home. We added a radio, some patio furniture pads, settled in and hung out.

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Nickels and Dimes

Author: Steve Moskal

Some friends from Germany recently visited the U.S. for the first time. We were happy that their first stop was Chicago. It was good to see them and it provided an opportunity to show off the city. They were impressed with Lake Michigan’s beautiful shoreline, restaurants, the museums and the architecture.


The one negative comment they expressed was, when purchasing something, the price was more at check out than what was posted or tagged. Also, they were surprised that extra charges for their hotel were not included in the original reservation.


“Sales and hotel tax,” I said. I also explained taxes varied by city and state, and by certain items like food, drinks and medicine. “Americans are just used to it. We call it being ‘nickeled and dimed’.” 

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