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Drayage is Everywhere

Author: Steve Moskal

While it isn’t officially the end of summer in the Midwest, there is a rush to get all things “summer” done before Labor Day. Never mind that there are three more weeks of the actual season. Midwesterners have mistakenly accepted that we only deserve three months of bearable weather, not even one or two weeks more.


So that, combined with school starting up and the exodus of the college-aged work force from resort towns - leaving no one to run go-cart tracks and wait tables - means one last lap in proverbial summer pool.

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Exhibiting in the United States - a Whole Different World

Author: Steve Moskal

The world has moved a block away from Prairie, right here in Elmhurst.


We have a new neighbor in our business park. They’ve constructed a 25’ tall stainless steel sculpture of a globe. Originally it stood outside of Sears (Willis) Tower in Chicago, which is undergoing extensive renovations. Our neighboring business, involved with those renovations, removed the structure and reconstructed it on the front lawn of their production facilities, about 100 yards from Prairie’s front door.

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Accidents and Trade Shows - They Happen. Are You Ready?

Author: Steve Moskal

No one ever plans to get into a car accident. You also never know where and when you will need the advice and sage knowledge of an expert.


In almost 40 years of driving, I am fortunate to have been involved in only a few minor bumper taps. None involved an injury more significant than being shaken up a bit. This is a true blessing considering all the miles I’ve driven as a salesperson in the Midwest, covering Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan for many years.

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Viva La Difference

Author: Steve Moskal

The sales process - the steps of getting a customer to say yes -  hasn’t changed much over the years.


I do feel though, that the mystical sales curtain has been pulled back in so many instances. Not only has the great wizard been exposed, but so has the puppy dog close and “Do you want it in red or green?”. Those who have been selling for more than a few years know what I am talking about.

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We're Not Just Being Nosy

Author: Steve Moskal

“I need this on the 17th.”


When you live in the trade show and event world, where dates are the tail that wags the dog, you need to know exactly what a date means. Prairie’s staff is full of experienced trade show professionals and will naturally follow up “I need it on the 17th” in a very specific way.

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